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Month: January 2009

MangoTropical Fruit

General Mango Information

Scientific name: Mangifera indica L. Family: Anacardiaceae Order: Sapindales Common names: Mango, Mangot, Manga, MangouEnglish: MangoDutch: MangoGerman: Mangobaum, MangofruchtFrench: Mangue, Fruit du ManguierItalian: MangoSpanish: Mango Origin: Southern Asia, Burma, eastern India Distribution: All tropical regions of the world. Evergreen or…

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Lancetilla Mango

I found this information from Pine Island Nursery. They have a great selection of trees and I am already eyeing a few different species from their nursery. ‘Lancetilla’ is a Honduran selection made famous by Dr. Richard Campbell. Its debut…

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Ice Cream Mango

I got this information from Top Tropics website (where i purchased my plants). ‘Ice Cream’ is far and away the most popular of the “condo mangos.” Dwarf tree, small green fruit w/ yellow flesh. Flavored like name. The tree can…

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Carrie Mango

Here is some information about Carrie Mangos. I got the information from the website of the nursery where I purchased the plants. The flavor is by far the most outstanding feature of this variety. It has absolutely no fiber; Is…