Marin Chickens: 6 weeks old

Marin Chickens: 6 weeks old

Well, the chicks turn 6 weeks on wednesday (in 2 days) but I figured I would post an update today.

They are growing so fast and we even had our first rooster crow.  Kai crowed last night and it was the most pathetic little crow.  If We were not 2 feet away we might have missed it but he was puffing up his chest and flapping his wings, so proud of his feat.

Unfortunately this means that we are going to need to re-home him as we cannot keep roosters.

Here is Kai.  He is an Easter Egger chicken and quite handsome with reddish, blue coloring.  I hope we can find a good home for him because he would make a great flock rooster.  He is gentle with the other chickens but alert and brave.

Here is Kai with the other suspected Easter Egger Rooster, Jack.  They have the reddest combs and like to play fight.

Here are the ones that we hope are hens.  They are a little more passive and shy and do not have the bright red combs.  We REALLY hope they don’t turn into roosters.

And here is a group shot of the Easter Eggers.  Isn’t Graysen so pretty?  Any others in this group that you think are roosters?

Here are the Buff Orpingtons and Silkies.  I have no idea what sex they are?  I see some redder wattles and combs on 2 of the Buff Orpingtons but they are developing slower than the other chicks so I am sure I will have more than 2 roosters in this bunch.


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