Eichler Renovation Pictures and Update

I plan to do some more comprehensive posts detailing each process later, but here is the quick and dirty:

Electrical, plumbing, windows, data cable, and siding are done, inspected and approved. Sheetrock is underway and spray foam insulation is going in today.

HVAC and fire sprinkler systems are scheduled to start next week with the spray foam roof on top after those, and we plan to start painting the exterior this weekend and interior the following weekend. Bathroom tile, maple floors, doors, and cabinets will follow interior paint.

PG&E service is waiting for our word to come and do the swap from the old panel to the new – that will also happen w/in the next two weeks.

It’s been a busy month. 😉


2 thoughts on “Eichler Renovation Pictures and Update

  1. what type of siding did you put up? I need to replace some on my 1960s ranch and like the look of what you used. thanks

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