How to install data cable (aka structured wiring) in an Eichler

How to install data cable (aka structured wiring) in an Eichler

I ran Belden 7878s ‘banana peel’ structured cable comprised of 2 coax, 2 cat5, and one fiber optic line.

I ran ‘home run’ lines to every room in the house (including the laundry and garage since I had extra cable).

I bought a Leviton 420 media panel enclosure where all of the home runs will terminate in the garage, but I haven’t had a chance to install it yet.

I just found this site that has a lot of good info for setting up a structured wiring system:

I’ll update when I figure how to terminate the cables and other fun stuff..

We’ve been living in the house for over a year now and the data cabling has paid off. We use the coaxial and cat5 in 3 different rooms so far and it’s working great.

Terminating all the lines and setting up a patch bay in the media panel was a little hairy at first, but certainly doable with the right tools and a little practice.

I use both of the cat5 lines in the office since we have two PC’s in there so I don’t have to use a hub for connecting them.

I use the cat5 line in conjunction w/ the TV for accessing media on a network share. Pretty cool.

I also use the cat5 in the family room for internet radio which is nice. I could do wireless, but wired seems more reliable.

Haven’t found a use for the fiber optic line yet.

My only regret is that I mounted the receptacle boxes higher on the wall than the electrical receptacles, and I wish I had put them down at the same level to make them less visible in the rooms.




2 thoughts on “How to install data cable (aka structured wiring) in an Eichler

  1. Steve can you please tell me that what Cat5 exactly is??
    Because you have used it everywhere and I didn’t have knowledge about it..!!

    1. Hi Bollinger

      Cat5 is the technical name for ethernet cable, aka, the wire that plugs into your computer for a ‘wired’ network connection. it looks like a phone line with a slighly wider plug on the end..


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