Landscaping progress in our Eichler backyard

Landscaping progress in our Eichler backyard

While we’re on hold waiting for building permits, we’re taking the opportunity to work on the yard. This weekend we removed a couple of huge juniper bushes. I attach the before and after pics. I also took a pic of the back of the house from the newly excavated corner of the yard.

We left a little bit of them for the opportunity to practice collecting wild trees for bonsai. Junipers are very popular bonsai specimen. I also attach a pic of Tammy and Jack enjoy hanging out in the yard while I use my new electric chainsaw.


One thought on “Landscaping progress in our Eichler backyard

  1. Great posts. The pictures tell it all. I love to see the finished product, hope you get to share it here. Landscaping really takes a lot of hardwork and should I say, money as well. But anyway, it's worth it.
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