Cinderblock & Wood Garden Update: June 25, 2009 (2 months)

Cinderblock & Wood Garden Update: June 25, 2009 (2 months)

A brief 2 month Update. I am due any day now so it is very difficult to take pics.

Here is the cinderblock garden. The sun has shifted so it is getting less sun a day than it was a month ago but it is pretty intense so I think that may actually be a good thing. The weather has finally been sunny the last week and the garden is loving it.

The tomato palnts are now about 5-5.5 feet tall and all have fruitset. The melons are starting to grow out of the garden bed and onto the lawn where I am going to put some cardboard down as mulch so the melons have a nice place to ripen. I do not see any pollinated melons yet BUT finally started seeing some female blossoms with bees buzzing around so hopefully soon.

My lemon cucumber has started to take off with females blossoms showing (see post below). Hopefully I will have some cucumbers to make pickled cucumber salad.

My Cocozelle squash is doing great. Picking about 5 a week. Yesterday i picked a monster zucchini. I meant to pick it on tuesday but we had a guest over so it slipped my mind. When I went out to pick it the next morning it was a 12 inch zuke!

This is one of my favorite tomatoes because it has “character”. It is a black krim and right now it is almost the size of a tennis ball.

My wood garden has not caught up with the cinderblock garden but I think it will do fine now that it has more sun. The plants are growing fast and all the tomatoes have fruitset. This area gets more hours of sunlight but not as intense as the cinderblock garden.

My San Marzano tomato plant. Right after taking this picture i found a tomato with BER (see below) 🙁


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