Mystery Plant in our Compost

Mystery Plant in our Compost

Does anyone have any idea what it is? We eat alot of fruit so maybe papaya? it looks like a type of squash or melon but we haven’t had much of that yet.


4 thoughts on “Mystery Plant in our Compost

  1. I agree, it looks like some type of squash or it could be cantaloupe or even watermelon. But cucumber is also a possibility. If your compost pile does not get hot enough it is possible this is a seed left over from last year (if you have been composting that long). I made the mistake of composting cantaloupe seeds one year. The following year, cantaloupe were turning up all over the place — wherever I had put the compost. Apparently these types of seeds do not decompose quickly.

  2. christine, you're probably right because we did eat cantaloupe a few months ago…the compost was built this year so not that old.

    surprising though because the compost does get very hot. it steams when we mix it.

  3. spaghetina, it does look similiar to my cocozelle seedling i had but we have not had any straightneck squash/zucchini except for what i have picked recently from my garden.

    we have had some cucumber…i wonder if that is it.

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