Spring update

I haven’t had much computer time so I have greatly neglected my blogs.  Here is a brief summary of what is happening here.

The Waldo Peas that I planted last fall overwintered and are going gang-busters.  We are picking sweat peas daily.  Jackson loves to snack on them.

Babcock Peach Tree has fully blossomed and has set a ton of small peaches.  I was worried with the rains that we had that I would not get any fruitset but I guess I was wrong.  This tree seems to set fruit very easily.  I did not do any dormant spray to it and it now has leaf curl.  I will have to remember to spray it next year.

My New fruit trees order of budding out from first to last:

Santa Rosa Plum is full of green leaves.  It has about 4 blossoms on it this year but no fruit set.  I would not be surprised to get some plums next year.

Pluot tree (4 in 1) has also bloomed and i do not see any fruit on it.  It is also covered in nice healthy leaves.

Hollywood plums: I got 1 blossom on 1 tree but alot of reddish-green leaves.  A very vigorous grower.

Baby Crawford Peach: no blossoms but I see leaves so at least i know the roots are ok.

Reine Claude Doree (Old Green Gage): no blossoms but leaves

Fuyu Persimmon: leaves just started to push out last week.  I read that it is actually heat units, not chill hours that wakes up the tree.  Some newly planted fuyus do not push out new growth until august.

Reine Claude Bavay (Bavay Green Gage): This whip got me worried.  Although it has the thickest caliper, it has looked dead for weeks now but just last week the buds started to swell and they are finally turning green.  This is a late season plum.

Kiwi vines:

I just planted an orange and yellow female kiwi plant from roger meyer as well as a fuzzy male from raintree.  All of them are very vigorous growers so we need to get the arbor up ASAP.  I also planted some yellow kiwi that I grew from seeds from tradewinds.  The leaves look different than the leaves of the male fuzzy and Yellow and Orange Chinensis kiwis.  I guess only time will tell what they actually are.


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