Hornworm infestation June 5, 2009

So a few days ago I found the hornworm below on my sungold in my cinderblock bed.

Today when my husband and I were chilling, he saw a leaf on my marvel striped that had some holes on it. When he flipped it over, there was a baby hornworm. Another indication of the presence of a hornworm: there was also some frass (caterpillar poop) below the leaf.

So off I go to check out the rest of the tomato plants and I found 8 baby hornworms. The timing of this could not be any worse because I am due to go into labor ANY DAY NOW!!

I think I will have my husband spray the plants with some BT just to make sure they are not decimated while we are at the hospital. In the meantime I will look for more of those evil little suckers.


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