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Welcome to my humble world of bonsai art. This is mostly a place for me to keep photo journals of my bonsai tree projects, but maybe someone else will find the contents useful.

Walter Pall Blue Atlas Cedar

Here are a few websites that I have found to be very informative:

www.ofbonsai.org – very professional, robust site.

www.bonsai4me.com – tons of great info and articles.

www.andyrutledge.com/book – insight on artistic aspects.

www.walter-pall.de – one of the best artisans, tons of nice photos.

www.artofbonsai.org – lot’s of interviews and articles.

www.bonsaimonk.com – custom order bonsai pots from Japan.

“Don’t try to make your tree look like a bonsai, try to make your bonsai look like a tree.” – John Naka



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