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Collected Juniper


I’ve been preparing this Juniper in my backyard ever since we bought the house 5 years ago. I finally collected it yesterday and put it in a box. The collection process went as well as I could have expected, and I managed to keep a fairly large root ball intact. The soil is primarily clay so it retains moisture very well. I put it in a shady location in a custom made box to fit the root ball (not very pretty).

Hopefully it will survive being collected.. time will tell.




Here are some examples of trees that have similar form to what I will be attempting, assuming it survives being collected.





  1. kak says:

    wow, this whole thing fascinates me. my feeling has always been that i am too old to start. case in point: that little thing has been “becoming” for 5 YEARS!! egads. And so, now what? I hope i live long enough to see the “next step”! Please keep me in the loop. i love you,

    • steve says:

      I added some pictures of ‘finished’ trees that are similar to what I will be going for with this tree. Junipers leave a lot of room for artistic interpretation. I’m not getting too attached yet – has to survive a couple years before I can start styling. 😉

  2. Mom says:

    This is so fun to see. Where in the yard was it? 🙂


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