Collected Juniper

Collected Juniper

I’ve been preparing this Juniper in my backyard ever since we bought the house 5 years ago. I finally collected it yesterday and put it in a box. The collection process went as well as I could have expected, and I managed to keep a fairly large root ball intact. The soil is primarily clay so it retains moisture very well. I put it in a shady location in a custom made box to fit the root ball (not very pretty).

Hopefully it will survive being collected.. time will tell.

Update: this tree died a few months after being collected.




Here are some examples of trees that have similar form to what I will be attempting, assuming it survives being collected.




4 thoughts on “Collected Juniper

  1. wow, this whole thing fascinates me. my feeling has always been that i am too old to start. case in point: that little thing has been “becoming” for 5 YEARS!! egads. And so, now what? I hope i live long enough to see the “next step”! Please keep me in the loop. i love you,

    1. I added some pictures of ‘finished’ trees that are similar to what I will be going for with this tree. Junipers leave a lot of room for artistic interpretation. I’m not getting too attached yet – has to survive a couple years before I can start styling. 😉

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