California Incense Cedar

California Incense Cedar

3/2018: I collected this as a small sprout in Trinity Co in 2014. It has been growing in the ground in my yard since then.

This year I chopped the trunk and bent a branch up to become the new leader and it seems to have survived that so far.

I will leave it to grow and heal for another year or two before moving it to a pot.

2/5/19: The trunk is thick enough at the base now so I collected it into a large wood box to help ensure it’s survival. The new leader experiment worked but ended up being angled so we’ll see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “California Incense Cedar

  1. It’s been 10 months! Updates!? I’m dying to know whether that semicircular wound fuses. If it does, I definitely want to use that technique in the future.

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