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(* note: this is not the official website for House of Bonsai Nursery)

Bonsai nursery located in Los Angeles, CA. This is from my visit in November of 2007. Great selection of deciduous and conifers. Huge place. Highly recommended.

5214 Palo Verde Ave
Lakewood, CA 90713
(562) 804-6888

Established in 1992
House of Bonsai is a 5.3 acre bonsai nursery located in Lakewood, CA (in between Los Angeles & Orange County). We are the largest importer & grower of bonsai in the US. We also have Japanese Garden supplies and offer bonsai classes to the public.




  1. jack says:

    do you sell shaped black pine for garden (not bonsai)? something like a 15 gallon? if not, would you know where i can get that? i am in orange county.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Jack,
      Sorry for the confusion, but this is just some pictures from when I visited House of Bonsai – I provided their phone number if you’d like to call them with your question. They do have lots of landscape trees – the place is huge. Good luck!

  2. Joyce says:

    I am looking for a cherry blossom bonsai for my boss do you sale them and if you do what are your hours so I can come by to see them.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Joyce,
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      I don’t work at the nursery, just visited there once, you can call them at the number I listed above.


  3. Giuseppe B says:

    We live in a condo and are looking for an inside bonsai what are your recommendations and what do you have available? Do you have any pics


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