How to build DIY Eichler globe pendants for $37/ea

How to build DIY Eichler globe pendants for $37/ea

Here’s a quick and dirty how to article for an inexpensive way to create original looking Eichler ceiling pendant globes.

1. Purchase the FADO pendant downlight from Ikea ($30):

2. Purchase a simple lamp canopy like this one ($0.95):…7171c746086e68
(These canopies are 5″ diameter and the original Eichler ones are about 4″, I looked but haven’t found one in that size.)

3. Purchase unfinished brass pipe threaded at both ends, (thread: 1/8″ IPS x 1/2″) – select desired length – our longest were 15″ but you could go a little longer for the highest ceiling points, you can cut them down and drill the end and use a pin to connect to canopy if needed (~$4.50):…7171c746086e68

5. Purchase pipe nuts: to match 1/8″ IPS thread ($0.12):…7171c746086e68

6. Purchase a can of spray paint, I used flat black, you may prefer white (~$3).

7. Dissasemble Ikea FADO lights, discard stock canopy, spray paint all the metal parts.

8. Assemble, install, and enjoy.

Total price per light approx: $37.00


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