Eichler Residential Fire Sprinkler System

Eichler Residential Fire Sprinkler System
The pipe fitters showed up on Saturday and installed all of the fire sprinkler heads. They used fire-resistant CPVC pipe which is standard for residential applications. Ours will be encapsulated in the spray foam roof soon. I covered it with paper to block the UV rays which can make pipe brittle if left exposed. The heads will be recessed in the ceiling so all we’ll see is a flat round white disc where each head lives. If the temp reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the solder melts on the head and the water comes out. The yellow plastic covers are just there to protect the heads during construction.


13 thoughts on “Eichler Residential Fire Sprinkler System

  1. Very thoughtful and thorough improvements! Considering the recent fire in Palo Alto, fire safety is also smart! Congratulations on your great home.

  2. Hi, We own a Eichler nearby and recently recieved a glorious violation notice on our house too… It seems now we will have to install fire sprinklers due to new code. I would love to ask you questions about it and other elements of the remodel, we are in the same remodel boat you guys were in and can’t wait to be out and enjoying our new home and Marin country side!

    1. Sorry to hear that – fire sprinklers are a good thing, but not if you didn’t plan for them in your budget.. Happy to answer questions – post away. cheers

  3. I notice the cpvc is attached with pipe clamps to a 2×4 on top of your roof deck. My concern is how thick did the spray foam have to be sprayed in order to conceal it all?(3+inches?) I see you also ran your romex for new electrical on the roof and covered it with angle iron like Eichler did originally, any issues with it passing inspection and could you recommend your electrician? Thank You!

    1. @taft We also have spacepak hvac tubes up there that are 4″ alone, so that made our foam thickness 6″ – which was enough to cover the cpvc, romex, & data cable. The angle steel was a requirement of the inspector, my dad, uncle, and myself were the electricians. 😉

  4. It almost looks like you are extending the height of your fascia boards with a 1x material. How high did you have to raise the height to conceal the spray foam and retain the “roof curb”

    1. @taft – that is correct – we just used 2×4’s stacked to get the height we needed to curb the foam. i think it was just two of them stacked – the new metal flashing extended just far enough down to cover the seam between the new extension and the old fascia.

  5. How many sprinkler heads did you have installed throughout the house? We just received two different quotes, one said we need 40, the other said we need 50… The exposed beams are considered “obstructions” and therefore sprinklers need to be mounted on both sides of all beams.

    1. Yes – we also had to have a head installed w/in EVERY space between beams, so there are way more than you would have in a conventional ceiling.. I forget the exact number, but they are even in some very small spaces between the beam and adjacent wall.

  6. Steve, I called alliance fire but they only do alarms. Do you have the name of the roofer so that I may ask them? It would be much appreciated. I have called many fire sprinkler companies with no luck.

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