Another one bites the dust…

…actually make that 2 of them today.

well a few weeks ago my husband caught and killed a mole.

On friday when we were chilling in the back yard, i heard this rustling noise and saw some grass being pulled into the ground about 15 feet away (i know, i have freakishly good hearing). I pointed the spot to my husband and said “i think it is a gopher”…my husband grabbed a hoe and went to investigate and sure enough there was a gopher peeking out at him. He tried to strike it with the hoe but missed by a couple of inches.

Poor little gopher did not know who he is messing with. I just put in my vegetable garden and blueberry bushes and I am going to protect them as best as I can. We are very close to open space so we get ALOT of critters in our area (deer, raccon, squirrels, gophers, moles, skunks).

We also know that with gophers you need to be very diligent about keeping them off your property because once they start to breed, your small gopher problem becomes a HUGE gopher problem.

Luckily my husband just ordered some more traps and watched some youtube videos of how to trap gophers so he was prepared and this morning when he went to investigate one of the traps, sure enough, he had caught the one in the backyard AND the one in the front yard.

So far the count is:

1 dead mole
2 dead gophers

2 dead critters that the neighbors cat caught.

Let’s hope the gophers stay away for a little while at least.


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