Chayote Sprouted: 3 months

Chayote Sprouted: 3 months
I am taking pics of my progression trying to grow chayotes.  I bought these chayote from Safeway in december and put them in a dark, cold cabinet in the garage for about a month.  When the weather started getting warmer i brought them out and put them in our pantry that gets natural light.  Within 2 weeks it sprouted.  This is the chayote with about 1 months growth and I will plant them out in the garden soon.


3 thoughts on “Chayote Sprouted: 3 months

  1. Hi Kit, I did not get any fruit last year but we had a very strange summer that started about 2 months later than usual. I think my plant may have died when we had a hard frost because i did not protect it at all and should have put some mulch over it. I have not checked to see if any new growth but will def. give it another shot next year (i forgot to sprout the seeds this year)…

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