First squash Harvest

First squash Harvest

Here is a pic of my cocozelle zucchini. This is a great beginner squash plant. It does not get too big and is a good producer. These cocozelle zucchini are between 7-8 inches long.

I’ll let you know what we do with them tonight but most likely I will just saute them in some olive oil with some garlic and pepper flakes. YUMMY!


2 thoughts on “First squash Harvest

  1. Tammy,
    They look beautiful! Zucchini also are great grilled on the BBQ. They look similar to a variety I have grown in the past called "Romanesco." I didn't plant any this year since sadly, unlike your cocozelle, they sprawled in a big way.

  2. Christine,

    I love grilling zukes. I was debating between the cocozelle and romanesco when i was picking my plants but my nursery told me that romansesco get BIG…like 10 feet long and i did not have much space. Cocozelle only are supposed to be 2-3 feet (mine is more like 4) and supposed to be a better producer BUT romanesco is supposed to have this wonderful nutty flavor that I'd really like to try.

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