Vegetable Garden Update June 7, 2009

Vegetable Garden Update June 7, 2009

Here is the vegetable garden update for June 7, 2009. It has been about 1.5 months since I put the planted out.

Here is the cinder block garden. We had over a week of colder, overcast weather so the plants did not grow as vigorously as they did in past weeks. Today was the first sunny day and it is supposed to stay sunny and warm up for the next week or so. Temps are in mid-70’s in the day and mid 50’s at night.
My Big Beef has a few tomatoes. The bigger one in this pic is the size of a half dollar coin.

Sun Sugar was first to have fruit set. These should be blushing soon as they are about full size. I have a few trusses on the plant like this. So far a very vigorous grower and quite a producer.

Stupice: everything people say about this tomato has been spot on so far. It is an easy one to grow. I have 2-3 other trusses with fruitset like this one right now.

Lemon Cucumber is finally growing. I ordered some trellis netting to rig something this week.

Wood Garden is finally growing now that we opened up the trees to allow for more sun. It is about 2 weeks behind the cinder block garden but I suspect it will catch up soon.

Oaxacan Jewel surprised me this week with this little tomato. It looks sort of heart shaped.

San Marzano also suprised me with this little beauty. I think the shape is so cute.


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