Tomato Fruitset Update: June 4, 2009

I just wanted to update on which plants have fruitset:

Marvel Striped: has about 2 large babies. They are about the size of a pea right now. There could be more but this plant is my biggest one and is very bushy and dense. I expect about 5 or 6 more in the next few days.

Big Beef: has 2, one is about the size of a large marble.

San Marzano: has 2, one is about 3/4 inch long

Oaxacan Jewel: surprised me with 1 today. It is the size of a small pea

Stupice: has about 10, it is quite a producer as i see a few more flower trusses already.

The Cherries (Sun Sugar, Sun Gold, Sugar Snack) all have over a dozen each. There are flower trusses all over these plants. They are going gangbusters.

So as of today, all of my varieties have fruitset…YAY!


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