May 22, 2009: 1 Month progress

May 22, 2009: 1 Month progress

Well I guess today is a good day to show the progression of the garden. We planted out on April 23, 2009 and these pics were taken today, May 22, 2009.

Here is a pic of the cinder block garden. Below is the same garden one month ago. I am so amazed at how fast tomato plants grow. They were a little slow to start because as soon as I transplanted we had 5 straight days of rain and some REALLY cold nights but once the weather warmed up, they took off. Most of the tomato plants were only a few inches tall when planted and are now over 2 feet tall.

This raised bed gets about 7 hours of direct, intense sun a day mostly morning to early afternoon(the pic below was taken around 6:30pm).

This is the wood garden. Surprisingly, these plants are growing alot slower than the plants in the cinder block garden. This garden gets about 8-9 hours of sunlight but some of it is dappled. Most of the sun is in the morning, intense midday sun, and dappled afternoon sun.
This weekend my husband is going to thin some of the trees to get some more sun to the plants. This raised bed has better soil than the other one also.

Marvel Striped: Has a ton of blossoms. None have set but none have dropped either. The Blossoms are really big. I am excited to see if we get any fruit set this week. Here are the before and afters.

Sun Sugar: My first tomato plant to fruit set. So far it has about 6 itty-bitty tomatoes on it but by next week should have over a dozen. (Can you believe how tiny the plant was below? about 2 inches!)

My Cocozelle Zucchini is recovering nicely after getting wacked in half by my 20 month old son a couple of weeks ago.

This lemon cucumber looked dead the first couple of weeks. I bought the plant from Home Depot and probably won’t buy any more plants from there. The plant was pretty pathetic to begin with and had only 2 little leaves but then the checkout lady mangled it some more so those 2 leaves endedup dying. Now that the weather has warmed up, it is finally growing.

Black Krim: I am really excited about this tomato plant. It is the smallest of the bunch in the cinder block garden but I read that it is a more compact plant so I am not worried. Yesterday I found 2 small tomatoes on it 🙂

Stupice: (pronounced Stoo-peach-ka or stoo-peach…at least that is what I am told) is a plant from czechoslavakia that is supposed to be an early producer, pretty hardy, and prolific. So far is has 3 small tomatoes on it.

So far I have fruit set on:
Sun Sugar
Sun Gold
Sugar Snack
Black Krim

I DO NOT have fruit set on:

Marvel Striped
Oaxacan Jewel
Big Beef
San Marzano


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  1. Hi, how did you attach the wood to the top of the blocks? This is exactly what I want to build! Thanks-Manny

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