Melon Update: 3 month (Charentais, Arava, Honey Orange)

Melon Update: 3 month (Charentais, Arava, Honey Orange)

A quick melon update.

Here is my charentais in the cinderblock garden. This one is now the size of a softball so I do not expect it to get much larger. I have 2 melons on this plant and hopefully they will ripen soon.
These Arava melons are also in my cinderblock garden and growing on the bench my husband built. I have 3 smaller melons on this plant that are about the size of tennis balls.

Here is my orange honeydew melon (aka honey orange). They are getting pretty big but I don’t think they have reached their maximum size…maybe about 70% right now. I have 3 large melons on this plant.

Here are the melons in my wood garden bed. They are growing on a trellis and finally have fruitset.
Here is a pic of the Arava Melon. There are 2 melons on the trellis.

Here is a picture of the honey orange melon on the trellis. There are 2 large melons on the plant.


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