Flock Update 16 weeks | Marin Chickens

Flock Update 16 weeks | Marin Chickens

Well the chickens are almost 16 weeks so theoretically, they can start laying eggs….most likely I will not get any eggs for another few weeks though.

I thought I would update with some pictures of the Ladies…  Yes, I said “Ladies”…I got rid of the roosters.  Or at least I hope I got rid of all the cockerels.

I also added a full-size Wellsummer chicken to the flock.  Her name is Winnie and she is quite sweet but shy.  Even though she towers over the other hens she is at the bottom of the pecking order.  The chickens were actually not that bad when she was introduced to the flock and their was minimal pecking.

I got Winnie the Welsummer and these eggs from Just Struttin’ Farm in Novato.

Here are some pictures.

Some of the flock.  They are almost 16 weeks old.


This is Runt.  We wanted to pick out a really cute name for her because she really is our favorite hen but “Runt” just sort of stuck since she is so was smaller than the others (but slowly catching up). I think she is a pretty gal for being just a hatchery chick.



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