Marin Chickens: Meet the new Chicks!

Marin Chickens: Meet the new Chicks!

So I thought you might want to meet the babies…

Here is a group picture with the different breeds of chickens.

Here are my mystery chicks. I did not order them so I am not sure what they are. When I find out I will let you all know.

Here are the Ameraucanas. They are also known as Easter Eggers.

Here are the Buff Orpingtons.

Here are the White Silkies.

Here are some videos of them:


4 thoughts on “Marin Chickens: Meet the new Chicks!

  1. Kaveh, the silkies are hilarious. they are so mellow. the only chicks that do not run when we grab them. Don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing…they do not seem that smart. The Ameraucanas are gorgeous but the most frisky. You should def. go for chickens. They are great bug, snail eaters!

  2. Do you still have silkie chickens?
    If so, please let me know a good time
    to see them. I’m in San Rafael.

    1. Hi Sally, I may not have any silkies left. I have a friend that wants to take some but needs to get a coop. If that falls thru I will def. let you know…thanks for checking out the blog ;

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