Tropical Trees

Tropical Trees

Here are some more pictures of my tropical trees.

This is my Glenn Mango that I got in february. This is the only mango tree that I have that has not set any blossoms but look at the beautiful new growth. The leaves are just gorgeous.

Glenn Mango
Ripening Season: Late May-June
Tree Size: Medium size, 15 ft tall with a rounded densely foliated canopy
Fruit Flavor: sweet, delicious, rich, tangy flavor, mild peachy flavor
Fruit Size: 12-18 oz oval
Fruit Color: yellow to pink to red

This Indian / Indo-Chinese hybrid fruits consistently every year. It is a Haden seedling, and much like the Haden it is a Florida favorite. It has a very attractive appearance with a mild, sweet flavor. The fruit is virtually fiberless. Excellent eating quality, consistent production, and effortless to grow. It is easy to determine when to pick because the fruit will turn yellow at its base.

Lancetilla Mango is blossoming, flowers are opening!
Chaffey Cherimoya
My Chaffey Cherimoya that I bought in February. It took the biggest beating when we were on vacation and all of it’s leaves were ratty and in bad shape. We also never re-potted it (shame on us!) so the plant just looked dead for so long. In early April it lost all of its leaves and just looked horrible. I almost gave up on it but it started showing new growth about 2 weeks ago. I guess these trees are semi-deciduous and do drop their leaves and go dormant if it gets cold enough.

We re-potted today and gave it some fertilizer so hopefully that will jumpstart things.

This is what a chaffey cherimoya is supposed to look like:

I get alot of support and information on growing cherimoyas (as well as the image of the chaffey cherimoya above) on this site:


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