Garden Updates August 2010: Tomatoes & Peppers

Garden Updates August 2010: Tomatoes & Peppers

The summer gardening season definitely started out slow.  It took forever for the tomato, pepper, and melon plants to get going.  All my watermelon died this year but i will give them another go next year.

Here are some pics of my tomatoes and peppers on the plant.

The first pic is of a giant Cherokee Green that is about to ripen.  From what I have read, the fruit has a yellow tinge when it is ripe.  I can’t wait to try this tomato.

Next to it is a picture of the bottom of my cherokee purple tomato plant.  What a productive plant.  I think this may beat out my marvel stripe for productivity.  This is just the bottom foot of the plant and there are approx. 20 fruits just in the 1 foot.

Below, there is a marvel stripe.  This plant is not only productive but the fruit are HUGE.

Here is a jalapeno pepper.  Can’t wait to make some salsa.

I also have some cherry tomato plants that are pumping out pints of tomatoes a day…just picked about 3 pints today.  They are delicious but we cannot keep up.  Tomorrow, hubby is bringing a bunch of tomatoes into work.


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