Lemon Cucumbers are HERE!

Lemon Cucumbers are HERE!

We never got around to building a trellis for our lemon cucumber. We have been so busy with parties, family and friend visits that we kept on putting the task off. Of course we had a wicked heatspell (over 100 degrees) that caused our lemon cucmber to grow at a freakish rate.

All of a sudden the vines were out of the pot and all over the ground, climbing up the neigboring tomato cage….so i asked my husband to throw one of our extra texas tomato cages around it until I could figure out a better solution. When he did that, we found some almost mature lemon cucumbers!

Ironically, our friend Wendy was just over this weekend with a NEW passion for pickling, so hopefully we will have an abundant crop that we can share with her.


2 thoughts on “Lemon Cucumbers are HERE!

  1. Tammy, thanks for your answer to my san marzano question. I checked your blog and I noticed that you are in San Rafael, not too far from me, I am just 10 minutes south, a little bit cooler maybe. I will try to fertilize the plants with some stone organic fertilizer, maybe they soil is depleted.

    Great garden you have, I am just behind you in harvesting, just picked the first string beans and zucchini. YUM!

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for checking out my blog…first year gardening.

    Are you in Marin as well? Corte Madera or Mill Valley? I used to live in Mill Valley & Sausalito area but wanted to move where it was hotter during the summers for gardening and just hanging out.

    Re-reading your post on the san marzano, I wonder if you are "loving" it too much…maybe too much water and extra fert? I know that can cause the plant to yellow and sort of languish.

    ps. what type of beans are you growing? i am growing long beans and it is the only think not doing great. i was told they would not take off until it was hot (like now) but now i see something is eating them.

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