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Melon Update: Arava, Charentais, Honey Orange all have fruitset!


I asked my husband to put down some cardboard as sort of a mulch so my melons would not have to ripen on the hard, dirty, clay soil and look what we found. They seemed to have come out of nowhere as we just started having female blossoms.

Here are some pics of my little melons.

This is an Arava. It is a galia melon from Israel. This melon is about 2 inches long already.

This is a the Orange Honeydew. I was told it is a good producer and from all the little melons I found, I think it may be!

This is a picture of a baby melon with the blossom still attached. Most likely it has not been pollinated yet.

Here is the smaller of the two Orange Honeydew I found. It is about 2 inches long.

This is the slightly bigger Orange Honeydew and is about 2.5 inches long.

This is the charentais. It is the smallest plant and is going to have the smallest melons (about the size of a softball). This little melonw is about 1 inch long but already showing charentais markings.



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