MCM Approved Landscape Trees and Plants

MCM Approved Landscape Trees and Plants

Now that our home renovation is relatively under control, we’re starting to consider how we want to update our yard and gardens with a landscaping overhaul so I thought this would be a good time to start a post where we can post pictures and discuss various trees, plants and landscape design that people like, dislike and/or have experience with.

Horsetail Reed / Equisetum

This is the first plant that comes to mind when I think of Eichler landscaping. A well maintained row of this looks great against the vertical-groove siding, or in front of a floor to ceiling window.

We plan to plant a row of these in our atrium but I want to learn more about the watering needs – I see them growing next to ponds a lot, so it seems they require moist soil at all times. I might build an in-ground containerized system that will hold water well so that we don’t have to water them constantly.

Does anyone have experience w/ the soil and watering needs of horsetails?

These plants are considered a ‘living fossil’ since they date back to the time of the dinosaurs!

More info:

I attach images below and I added an image of ‘Cape Rush’ which is a similar looking variation.

Papyrus / Cyperus papyrus

This is another commonly seen Eichler landscape plant which I am also fond of and plan to incorporate into our atrium plantings. I’m thinking it would look best in a corner for some reason.

Does anyone have this on their property? If so, please share your experience with it.

I also attach an image below.

Foxtail Fern

Here is another landscape plant that I have had my eye on for quite a while. I think they fit nicely into the MCM landscape world.

Anybody have tips on growing these?

I read that they like acidic soil.

Plant image is attach below.

Joshua Tree / Yucca Brevifolia

I’ve been seeing this tree all over the place and trying to figure out what it is called – fortunately I saw one in our friends’ yard (fellow forum member: kyaustin) – and he informed me that it is called a ‘yucca’ tree. I googled it and learned that it’s more commonly known as a ‘Joshua Tree’, as in the national park. It’s related to the Agave cactus. My wife and I both agree that it has a nice MCM vibe so now it’s on the landscaping list. Let me know if anyone knows of a good source. Or, if you know anything about it’s requirements and care, etc.

Image is attach below.(image credit)

Ponytail Palm

Here is one that looks similar to the Joshua Tree that I think I might like even more. It’s called the Ponytail Palm. I saw one reference to it as the Elephant foot Palm since it is characterized by a large sometimes bulbous base.


2 thoughts on “MCM Approved Landscape Trees and Plants

  1. Horsetail reed does like to grow in damp ground but I’ve seen it used in landscaping in non-marshy areas (its used at Stanford quite a bit). Horsetail will grow in the shade or sun. Papyrus usually grows IN water so its hard to get it to grow anywhere but in a few inches of water at pond edges.

    If you are in the San Francsico area you might try visiting the outdoor botanical garden in Golden Gate park; their early plant garden has horsetail and shows some neat companion plants (such as tree ferns) that require the same sort of soil, water, light.

    1. Hi Akbay,
      Thank you for your input! Its good to know that horsetail will tolerate a range of conditions. I was envisioning having to containerize it somehow to keep the moisture level high enough w/o wasting lots of water. But it sounds like I might be able to get away w/ planting it in the ground w/ a drip irrigation system instead..

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