Mango Tree Update May 14, 2009

Mango Tree Update May 14, 2009

I am surprised my mango trees are still alive. I purchased them in late january and we had some really cold weather (below freezing). They did not like that!!

We also chopped the Carrie and Icea Cream mango trees down 1.5 feet to make them shorter and eventually bushier. They are now about 2.5 ft. tall.

Then in february we went on vacation. The weather forecast showed that the weather was going to be somewhat mild with slight showers so my husband decided to put them out to get some rainwater…

Well turns out the weather was HORRIBLE! It was cold and stormy and there was even 5 straight minutes of HAIL. My neighbor said that the entire neighborhood was covered in a blanket of hail an inch thick.

My poor trees looked so pathetic…leaves were all tattered but they made it past their first winter and now have alot of new growth.

This is the Lancetilla Mango with 4 flower stalks.

Here is the icecream mango with some new growth showing.

Here is the Carrie mango with some flower stalks.


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