Mango Trees – Week 1: January 22, 2009

Mango Trees – Week 1: January 22, 2009

Hello Everyone,

It has been a week since the mango trees arrived by mail. They seem to be adjusting well to the weather here in Northern California. When they came they were in a little rough shape with some damaged leaves. I was expecting them to lose some of their leaves and they have dropped 3 or 4 leaves total so I think the trees are happy in their new home.

When they first arrived, we had 3-4 days of record highs for January. Some days were getting as high as 70 degrees.

Now we are back to more “normal” january weather. The day time temerature is around 55-58 degrees with some light showers. The nighttime lows were around 42-46 degrees.

The sun is supposed to come back on Monday but with that sun will be a few nights of colder lows around 38 degrees so I have brought the mango trees back into the atrium where it should not get any lower than 42 degrees. Then around wednesday I will put them back in the backyard to absorb the sun since the temperature should start to rise by then into the mid 60’s.

This is the Carrie mango tree. I think i can see the start of some new growth. These pictures are not that great.


This is the Lancetilla mango tree. It is the largest tree of the bunch and already has some side branches in the perfect location. Unfortunately, most likely due to its size during shipping, this mango tree sustained the most damage of the 3. I think the leaf damage below is from the green ties they used to wrap the tree.


Here is the icecream mango tree. It was the smallest tree of the bunch but the leaves sustained the least amount of damage during shipping. This tree seems the happiest of the three and there are new little nubbins of growth.


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