Mango Update: Lancetilla Mango Tree

Mango Update: Lancetilla Mango Tree
Here is an updated picture of my Lancetilla Mango tree in a container.  It is the most vigorous grower out of my 4 mango trees.  It was 4.5 feet when I got it but I pruned it down to about 3 feet to keep the tree at a more manageable height and to also help the tree branch out…it has definitely done that.


3 thoughts on “Mango Update: Lancetilla Mango Tree

  1. Hi Tammy,

    I have noticed your blog for a while and I think it is time to comment on your mango trees after the cold spell last week (I live in Clayton CA, we had 3-4" snow last Monday Dec 07). I have 2 Manila Mango trees in our garden under row cover protection.. They seems to be green still but I wonder if you have protected your 4 mango trees..

  2. Hi There,

    thanks for following my blog. I did not cover my mango trees but did bring them in my atrium where they have a large eave that covers them as well as wind protection.

    We have never had any snow at my house so I don't have any experience with snow but i remember a lady that lived in Houston and her tree got snowed on twice and is fine. here is the link to her post. Her name is Pepa so you may want to try to email her for some advice.

    Good Luck!!


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