Melon Update: Arava, Charentais, Honey Orange 1 week fruitset


It has been 1 week since I posted that I found some small little melons on the vine. Here is the last melon post for reference.

I cannot believe how quickly these melons grow. Every day you can see tremendous growth.

Here is the honey orange. It can barely fit in my hand. This looks like it will produce 4-5 melons on it. There are 3 large melons and a few babies that have already set.

Here is the Charentais. I think this will produce less than the Arava and orange honey melon. SO far we have 2 fruitset on this vine.

Here is the Arava. So far we have 3 medium to large melons on this vine.

I am really excited about these melons and hope I water them correctly so they sweeten up. I have read to cut back on the watering as soon as fruit begins to set, to stop watering 1 week before picking to make sure the melons are not too watery.
This gardening stuff sure is complicated!


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