Cherimoya Review: Selma, Dr. White, Chaffey, Booth, Hybrid

Cherimoya Review: Selma, Dr. White, Chaffey, Booth, Hybrid
We are in the midst of cherimoya season.  Boy are these fruit delicious.  I ordered a box from to see if there was a difference in quality from but i am happy to report that they are both quality places to order cherimoyas.  I was able to try some varieties of cherimoyas that are not easily available in stores.
Here are the cherimoyas I received: Booth, Chaffey, Dr. White (aka White), Selma and a hybrid.  The hybrid was gigantic, about the size of a largegrapefruit.
Selma Cherimoya
Here is the infamous and rare selma, a pink fleshed fruit.  It is a smaller fruit and irregular shaped.  The taste was really great.  Sweet with good acid.  It has an intense cherimoya flavor and a little graininess near the ski.  My mom loved this one the best.  It is very delicious but almost too sweet for my taste so I was not able to eat more than 1/4 of it.
Booth Cherimoya: Unfortunately I did not take pics of the inside but this had a very similiar flavor, shape and size to selma.  It is very sweet with good acid.  A very delicious cherimoya.
Chaffey Cherimoya
I am growing the chaffey cherimoya so I was very anxious to try it.  It is a juicy and sweet cherimoya with mild flavor.  I can also see why it is not a big commercial variety as the skin is VERY thin and it bruises easily.  This variety probably has more graininess than other varieties but my husband actually liked it because it reminded him of the pears he grew up eatting in pear country.
Dr. White Cherimoya
What a sweet and juicy cherimoya the white is!  We all really enjoyed this fruit.  It is larger and has a mild cherimoya flavor.  I can see why this is so popular with commercial growers.
Calimoya Hybrid
This fruit is humungous.  I can see why it is so popular.  Unfortunately by the time we ate it, it was overripe so it was too sweet and mushy for me.  I will try it again and review it again.
I am getting alot better at knowing when to eat the cherimoya.  I like them when they just start to soften up before they get overripe.  I think that is when i detect the licorice flavor is from overripe fruit.  I only tasted it with the hybrid.


12 thoughts on “Cherimoya Review: Selma, Dr. White, Chaffey, Booth, Hybrid

  1. I want to eat more cherimoya now! Too bad I will have to wait a couple more days.

    Oh, my husband say the Lucida kind of have the pear flavor too.

  2. I'd love to get some of those seeds from you if you have anymore. I'd love to grow cherimoya. Looking at your cherimoya pics make me drool. LOL


  3. kristi, i think you ordered all of dario's cherimoyas…he is no longer answering the phone…haha 😉

    maureen, i may have some extra seeds…send me your email addy.

  4. Carrie, they are quite delicious but let me warn you that supermarket cherimoyas can be very hit or miss. I have had some really disgusting ones so if you get a store bought cherimoya and it is gross, keep on trying others.

  5. Hi Tammy,

    I really like your website, keep up the good work. Anyway I’m looking for some cherimoya seeds, specifically Booth, Selma, or Fino de Jete to grow for rootstock. Just wondering if you have any, and if not when you order some more fruit, can you save me some seeds thanks.


    1. Hi Dan, Shoot, I wish you had posted this 2 weeks ago…i had a bunch of seeds…but I threw them in the compost. I did give my dad some fino de jete and Bay seeds. I can see if he has extra.

      1. Darn! Should have contacted you earlier. That would be great if you can see if your dad still has some extra seeds. Let me know. Thanks.


  6. Hi Tammy,

    I just read your informative post on cherimoya. I tried looking up and,but it looks like they’re no longer in business. Do you know other places that sell Selma or the hybrid fruit/trees that you spoke about? Or would you happen to have any cuttings or seeds from these cherimoya varieties?

    Best wishes.

    1. Hi Lee,

      I love cherimoya and it is the end of the season. I now buy directly from growers. There is a group on facebook called “Fruit Hub” where sellers will post their fruit for sale. Joe B. runs the group and has some great cherimoya as well as Hatim.

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