Lemon Ginger and Honey in a Jar (Cold Buster!)

Lemon Ginger and Honey in a Jar (Cold Buster!)

The seasons are changing around here. Although the days are still warm, it is chilly in the morning and at night.

The leaves are starting to change color. Fall is definitely around the corner (but don’t tell my tomatoes that!).

It seems like during these season changes, the kids tend to catch more colds. Nothing major, just a slight sore throat or cough. When I see any signs of an oncoming cold, I give them this lemon-ginger-honey tea. It soothes their throat and the ginger helps them fight any nasty stuff going around.

I like to make this concoction and keep it in my refrigerator. Spoon a bit in some hot water for some soothing tea. Β It keeps for months.

Lemon Ginger and Honey in a Jar
makes about 2 cups

  • 2 lemons thoroughly cleaned and sliced
  • 2 piece of ginger about the size of your pointer and middle finger together sliced into coin size pieces
  • Honey (about 1 cup-maybe more)

1. In a clean 12 oz mason jar distribute lemon slices and ginger.

2. Pour honey over it slowly. This may take a few tries to let the honey sink down and around the lemon and ginger slices. Make sure when the honey has filled in all the voids, there is enough to cover the top of the lemon slices by a smidge.

3. Close jar and keep refrigerated. The mixture will form sort of a loose honey. Add a spoonful with some hot water and drink as a tea. Β (I updated recipe to clear up confusion. Β If you have juicy lemons the mixture may turn runny but this is OK!).


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  1. I am flagging this for Holly. She drinks only tea now and many many variations. I love this and know she will too. The visuals are phenominal.

    1. I do mine all different then all of you. I take two whole lemons and cut them up and put them seeds and peelings in a food processor. then I cut off a chunk of ginger about the size of one lemons and scrap the out side and add it to the food processor then I add a good cup of honey and I blend them all together until it looks like marmalades. I keep it in a plastic bowl covered and every day I eat two tablespoons and kids I give one teaspoon. it doesn’t late very long but I get all the pulp and a good amount of ginger and it works great

    1. Late reply by three years but someone else may read this at some point.
      This “tonic” can last indefinitely in the fridge. The lemons exude citric acid and that in itself is nature’s preservative. Honey is the same way, with it’s sugar content.
      I have kept a jar of this going for years – as it gets used, I top it off with more lemon (or orange) slices and honey.
      But as with anything else you would keep – if it looks/smells/tastes bad – throw it out!
      The longer this mix sits, the more likely it is to become like a “marmalade” which is good.
      Sometimes, it never does.
      My neighbor made some just as I do my own and a year later, it still hasn’t become a marmalade but it still tasty & good!
      I know many people who make this, and about half of them keep it in their pantry. Hence, NOT refrigerated.
      If you keep it from indirect light, it can keep there for up to one year.
      Blessed Be! )O(

      1. Thanks for posting this πŸ™‚ It was a question that was lingering in my mind and when i read this blog it answered my concerns, thank you for replying even if it was late…Better late than sorry!

  2. How long ought it to sit before it’s “ready”? And the corollary, does it need to sit at room temp for any amount of time before refreidgeration?

  3. Great recipe to make ahead of being sick! I’m making one for my husband to bring in to work too. Thanks for all the info in the comments about how long it stores/when it’s ready, etc.

    1. Has anyone made these and processed it via a canner like you would preserves (jelly?) If yes, does the lemon remain yellow or will it brown?

      1. Erica is correct, the beneficial enzymes in the honey would be destroyed, highly recommended not to process. However honey itself is a preservative and should last a while in the fridge

      2. If you heat honey it loses most of the good things you are looking for. I make it and add to my ice tea. I do have to refill every few days because it is so good. I just left the clinic because I felt very sick so I do have one of the worse flus to get. Usually I end up in the hospital unable to breath because it goes to my lungs. I usually am in the hospital at least four times a year. But I started using this easy home brew and in the past year not one hospital visit but I felt like I might be in trouble yet, after my first dose of meds I feel good. I have been using this brew in my tea so I thought let’s see how I am without it. I started coughing right away, I felt a bit worse so I figured enough! I used this brew and have not coughed once. For me it has changed my life. I keep it on hand all the time now. If it is what has kept me out of the hospital that is all I need to keep using it. But it is so very good tasting I just love it. I do not heat my honey at all. I make it and put it right into the fridge. Best wishes and I hope it helps you also.

    1. Hi Erica,

      The lemon juice will thin it out, but as it sets in the frigde, it gets a bit thicker. it is not like jelly, gel and more like a honey consistency.

  4. Also, are we supposed to leave the lemons & ginger in the jar the whole time, or are we supposed to remove them at some point??

  5. Was doubtful, but love Hot Lemon and Honey…so gave it a try! I love it, and it does soothe the throat and helps the tummy….thank you for sharing. My Son and Husband are enjoying too!

  6. I too am interested in canning this, so that it will be shelf stable and could be mailed for holiday gifts. Anyone try this?
    Also – mine did not turn like gel or jelly, the lemon slices are still solid, did I cut them too thick? thanks everyone. lovely and delicious.

  7. I mixed it up a few nights ago because the weather is getting cooler and wanted to get prepared. I decided to check it out with some tea today and it was great!
    I used a jelly jar and cut the recipe in half … 1 lemon thinly sliced, and ginger capsules (4) because I didn’t have any fresh ginger and I layered the lemon, ginger and honey then topped it off with extra honey. My hubby was feeling nauseated today so I made him a cup of “tea” with it and he said that he felt better and hasn’t complained about nausea anymore!

    1. I just made some as well because I was feeling a little nauseous and it helped right away. I bet because of all the ginger.

  8. Also, I read on another blog about adding a little pectin to thicken it up works well but I have tried it yet. Any idea how that would work?

      1. Don’t worry about making it thick. Everyone seems very concerned about the thickness because the recipe states the honey will turn into a loose jelly. The honey will turn watery and when it does, it’s ready to use.

        1. Hi Kate,

          thank you so much for commenting! Kate is right, the consistency does not really matter…it is all of the goodness from the lemon, honey and ginger.

          1. Hi Tammy,
            Thank you commenting too. I just made jars 11 & 12 last night and they are in my frig for when I need them. I just recently started adding 2 cloves of garlic to this concoction as well. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It doesn’t change the flavor too much at all and even if it did, I love garlic. This stuff is amazing!!

  9. If you have a already semi used jar of Honey could you slide in the lemon and ginger? or would your honey measurment need to be more precise

        1. Hum… must try, I can not stand ginger, fresh or the in tea but I don’t mind the dried spice. I really want the benefits but I just can’t do the ginger. Is there another herb that has all those same benefits?

          1. Chris, try some cloves (ground or whole) and/or some cinnamon. Both can help and taste great! You can also use orange slices instead of lemon. Add a tiny little pinch of cayenne pepper to the mix – not so much that you really feel any heat. Cayenne will open your airways and help sinuses.

          2. I’m going to try adding slices of turmeric next time as I figured it could only make it even more potent!

  10. I made some and put up in jars a couple of months ago for gifts for Christmas…

    I looked in the fridge today, and it seems like the lemons are in water, not thick like honey.

    Has any one else had this problem, or is this what happens???

    I hate that I have messed up good honey.

      1. This is not a problem. I’ve been using this mixture since the Fall of 2012 and I’m getting ready to make jar# 9 & 10 to store in the frig. The honey will not turn into a loose jelly like the recipe states. It turns watery like you’ve said. When it does, it’s ready to use. I’ve had nothing but Magical results with this home remedy and my frig is never without a jar or two in it.

  11. Thanks so much for this recipe. I had seen it on other site, but they gave no amounts to use of the three ingredients. I asked a lady at a health food store and she had made it, but said she peeled the ginger root and grated it. It looks like yours is just sliced with the skin on, so do you just slice it? Also, when you use it, do you just take the clear jelly, and leave all the lemon and ginger in the jar? So excited to try this!!!

    1. I leave everything in the jar. I ease a spoon in and add the juice to my tea. Now I have added more honey to the mixture because I drink a lot lol and this is added to it. So I just fill with honey and it’s fine. I am going to make a double batch today because I’m fighting a flu and I do not want to run out. Hope that helps.

  12. Mine will not gel at all. What can I do to make it gel? Can it sit on the counter? How long does it have to sit together before you can see it working?

    1. It can not sit out on the counter. Because of the lemon and the ginger it needs to be in the frig. I’ve been using this since the Fall and the honey does not turn into a loose jelly. It turns watery. When it does, it’s ready to use. It usually takes a day.

  13. My aunt gave this to me at christmas. Wow i am ever so thankful, as i am sick. She sd she adds shredded apple to hers, for the pectin. It wasnt jelly like, maybe a little thinner than syrup. I then added cinnamon and cayenne, i like it that way, plus all the healing props of those two…

  14. I first came upon this recipe from this site back in the fall. Well, I’m getting ready to make jar 9 & 10 to put in my frig. It’s Incredible, amazing and I’m calling it my Magic Potion. At the 1st sign of anything, I drink a big mug of this with several tbps of the elixir. It has chased away a soar throat, runny nose, sneezing and an ear ache. All symptoms were gone with the first cup and those symptoms never returned again within 24 – 48 hours. I’ve shared this recipe with countless people. I’m only sorry that I did not know about this years ago. My husband has a cup of this every morning as a precaution. I can proudly say that I Have Not Been Sick All Season because of this Home Remedy. It has been 100% SATISFACTORY for me. “THANK YOU!!”

    1. Hi Kate, thank you so much for taking the time to post. I am so happy it has helped you ward away sore throats, etc.

    1. I use 2 Tbps to a regular size coffee mug and 4 Tbps to a large size coffee mug. I really don’t think you can over do it. πŸ™‚

  15. I woke up with the sniffles thinking that it was just my morning allergies but it past lunch time and I haven’t stopped sneezing and a runny nose. Thanks to this site, I was able to make myself this concoction. Soothing and sinuses have cleared up. Yay! Be well.

  16. how long is it “food safe to keep” seems like everyone had success but before i ‘bust open’ this jar of $$ honey just need to know…thanks

    1. All the sites I have seen states one month in fridge. So, if you make it and don’t find yourself using it often maybe keep the recipe on hand and when someone gets feeling ill go ahead and make a glass or two or make 1/2 batch to last a day or so. Thankfully you can make it to suit your needs. I from the first taste said yummy and do I use it everyday so it doesn’t have a chance to go bad on me. Hope that helps.

  17. I have had mine in a jar for about a week or 2 & just noticed today that there is some white fuzzy looking stuff in the middle of the liquid – is it possible that it is going bad? I wouldn’t think with the honey that it was possible.

    1. Christina, I just opened a jar I put up 9/3/2012. Everything was still good and it worked like a charm on my sore throat. I would throw away the contents of the fuzzy jar and start over. Be sure your jar is very clean and the lemon is submerged in the honey. That should solve the problem.

  18. We’re on our 2nd jar since January. My husband’s jobs require lots of talking and this is great for soothing sore/irritated throats and that “I feel a cold coming on” feeling. As we get down into the jar, I started adding the lemon and ginger slices to my cup. My husband isn’t a major lemon fan so sometimes, I add a little extra honey to his cup. πŸ™‚ Like others have said, it doesn’t really gel but works fantastic!! My husband was skeptical at first but now requests it.

  19. Still have some in the fridge since the fall, added buckwheat honey a month or so ago because I was running low and now the mixture is cloudy, thick almost solidified. I’m going to start over but I think I’ll stick with clover or wildflower honeys. Buckwheat tasted too strong for me. Other than that, it was great as a tea, a sweetener for tea and straight from a spoon kind of like a liquid caugh drop without all the strong menthol. Yum…

  20. Just made it 3 days back as the hubby was comming down with a cold…. He loved it and the cold also went away within 2 days…. Now I have it πŸ™‚ and its really helped with the heavy congestion… 2nd day and no painful cough… Just a runny nose, but that’s a good sign

  21. Hi, I had tried this morning and leave it in refrigerator. I don’t know am I doing the wrong way cause I removed the lemon peel only put in the jar. Is it ok? Is it ok if didn’t remove the lemon peel? Because I worry about the Chemical fertilizers on the lemon peel.

    1. Hi Elyn, I have only used lemons from our tree. I know there is a little pectin in lemon skin but I do not think it make a significant amount of difference if you peel the lemons. The zest of the lemon does add some more lemon flavor though.

  22. Me again. I’m glad to see that you updated the recipe as so many people were hung up on the consistency of the honey. Yes, it will not be sort of loose honey but it will be very, very watery because of the lemon juice. This stuff has been nicknamed “The Cure,” by a friend of mine. I still have not sick all season and I just passed the recipe on to another person today who is suffering with a chest cold. 100% satisfaction might as well be guaranteed!!!

    1. Kate, Thanks so much for popping back in to visit and share the recipe. We love it here. Cold season is over but it has been so helpful with allergies since we use local honey.

    2. I have heard if you use local honey a month before spring hits you will find that illnesses can be less since you built up your immunity. Sadly here in the bush of Alaska we don’t have any local honey but maybe I can find some from the big cities that might still help me some. I think with a try for sure.

  23. Hi, I read about this before, Apparently an old Chinese recipe, and the Chinese lady said what she does is just pops more ginger lemon and honey in with the existing jar as and when she needs to. I have just made my first jar, a bit late for this horrible cold I have, but ready for the rest of the South African Thanks for the directions. πŸ™‚

  24. can or do you add more honey, lemon and ginger to jar as you use it or do you use it up and then start over???? with clean jar and more lemons, ginger and honey??

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      I usually add more lemon, honey and ginger one time, then start new with a clean jar….I think a lot depends on how fast you use the mixture.

  25. We make something very similar to this, just had an addition of whiskey. My mother would give us a spoonful at the first sign of not feeling well, put us to bed…and we would be better. I did the same for my kids. The whiskey is very little…I put in a couple of tablespoons to the full jar. I still make it up during the cold season, but do not put whiskey in the product that is used for my grandchildren…I would probably be arrested πŸ™‚

    1. My grama told me they use whiskey for her kiddo’s and soak em in their adults tooth aches works great Lol… I love older people remedies , all so natural… Thought I sharethat with ya Jen..

    2. I was just thinking…”sounds like my dad’s version that he called a ‘Hot Toddy.’ No doctor when and where he grew up and his dad came west from Kentucky so it all adds up.

  26. I have been taking a weaker version of this daily for years. I have not had any problems with colds or allergies except for one time I ran out of honey and didn’t get any for about a month.
    I use 1/2 lemon (not always organic) washed and sliced, 1″ of grated fresh ginger and fill the jar with raw, local honey. I use 2-3 Tbs per mug everyday.
    I don’t refrigerate my jar, but I use it up pretty fast and and I do get an acidic build up of pressure from the lemons that will push the lid up. I just open the jar and pressure is released. (mostly only in full jars).
    The lemon does break down the honey and makes it watery. That’s what it’s supposed to do and that’s how I use it.
    When my jar is at it’s end, I pour hot water into it and use that for my “tea”.
    I’ll have to remember this stronger version if I ever get sick again.
    Thank you!

  27. Thank-you so much for this post! I can’t wait to try it! And thank-you, too, to all of the other commenters! You have all been very helpful to me.

  28. This is my go to cure for all the coughs, flu, cold, etc. In my experiance I have had a jar for over a year (used most of it last winter, but didn’t really need it in the summer)and the honey was low and the lemon and ginger was exposed to air (inside the closed jar that was kept in the refrigerator) and it was still good when I checked it this week. I am drinking a cup now πŸ™‚

  29. This is amazing! I feel like a superman again! Thank you for sharing! I have always been uneasy with over the counter pills and all that because I don’t like to take chemical without knowing what harm it can do to the body. 100% Organic Lemon, Ginger and Honey really clear up my chest, throat and nose… I did add a little of cinnamon to add a little of spice-up taste. Very Soothing! Thank you! (WOOSH! <>)

  30. Thanks so much for this! We have lots of kids and one recently caught a cold and of course is now generously sharing.

    1. Because kids aren’t really into tea too much, I’m wondering if it could be added to other things, perhaps like oatmeal? Really want to knock it out before round 2.

  31. I just made this tonight! Super excited to see what it does for us as we prepare for winter….hoping to figure out a way to get the kids to take this as i think it would be great for the dry throats we get at night with the heater on! Cannot wait to try it tomorrow!

  32. I have a Puerto Rican gardener who just showed me how to make a tonic for colds.
    A quartered lemon, 3 TB. grated ginger,1/3 cup honey, a couple of sticks
    of broken up cinnamon stick boiled together for ten minutes. Cool, strain and refrigerate. drink 1/2 cup when needed for cough, sniffles. 2 day supply.

  33. I am loving this as a hot drink.I also have poured some into a small spray bottle and spray it on my throat,which really helps when I sing in my choir.

  34. Does the lemon, ginger, honey mixture need to be refrigerated? I made some for a friend but they forgot to put it in fridge…I didn’t know what to tell her…

  35. I am definitely going to try this… I believe in natural remedies. Work better than store bought medicines.
    Glad I ran into this site.
    Thank you all for all your comments.

  36. I wonder if this could be used with grapefruit as a flavour change? I love the lemon this is amazing stuff, even just to warm you on a cold winter day. I am going to try it with cinnamon sticks too, but really wonder if I should try it with grapefruit as I love that flavour, would it still work?

  37. My sister made me a jar and brought it over Thanksgiving she sliced the lemon so thin you could eat the lemon pieces and it was wonderful. It is so good that I just bought me a sharp knife because I will be making 8 jars to give the girls at work and want the lemons nice and thin. This is a must for the cooler months.

  38. I’ve made this recipe several times now with the experimental failure of trying to use LIMES, is there a more precise (possibly spoon measurement) way of measuring Ginger? I think i used like like a tablespoon of ginger for a cup of honey but i kinda feel like i should put more?

    1. The amount of ginger in the recipe is just a suggestion. You can add more or less depending on what you prefer taste-wise. I know for some, ginger can seem very sharp/spicy at first but they get used to the amount and up the ginger on the next batch.

  39. I put peeled ginger slices and lemon slices in mine and it turned out a little bitter. I think this is because do the lemon rind possibly. Did this happen to anyone else?

  40. I have been drinking, hot honey, lemon and fresh ginger for years as a cold and sore throat remedy. My daughter just went off to college and she loves this drink too when she gets a cold or sore throat. I was wondering how to get this to her so she has easy access to this without having to buy lemons and ginger when she is not feeling well enough to go out and buy it. This comfort in a jar is just the thing to send her to use straight from her fridge when she feels bad! I love it. I do have one question that I don’t see answered here. When using a teaspoonful of the HLG,do you remove some of the lemon and ginger with it? I do have it usually steeping with the honey and hot water – just curious how you suggest. I would think yes, remove some of it but just wanted to know if that’s the best thing to do to get the best benefit. Thank you!

  41. I’m gonna try this but also add 3-4 cloves to the jar, should give it a real nice flavour. I take hot lemon honey, cloves and a shot of whiskey for the cold usually πŸ™‚

  42. I made this, as I call it Elixir. It seems to be working with my families first fall/winter season dreaded crud. Ugh! My family enjoys the elixir but instead of mixing with hot water, they take it by the spoonful. Now off to Costco to stock up on honey for couple more batches. Thank you.

  43. Just made a small jar for work and a large jar for home!
    Very excited to have found this… a great daily preventative for the winter and an easy add for a hot tottie!
    Next batches I’ll try cinnamon sticks or garlic.
    Love the how it thins out… I had about an inch of juice in the 32 oz jar and it almost made it immediately thinner.
    Great stuff!!

  44. This is absolutely delicious and so comforting to my throat. I made it for the first time last night and feel better already.

  45. Is this scientifically proven ? or are there related studies about this ? if there are, could you please tell me ? if no studies, are there articles ?

    Thanks .

    1. I have read about people adding garlic and chili. I like mine to be palatable for the kids so I do not put any in and instead add a bit of chili to my own tea when needed/wanted.

  46. Thanks for the recipe! I heard about this from a friend and decided to try it out at the weather is beginning to turn.

    I heard that the ginger has to be submerged in honey or it will go bad. My honey did initially cover all the lemon slices and ginger, but then they floated up! I’m worried that it wont keep in the fridge because of this…?

    Thanks again!

  47. I make a Lemon, Honey, Ginger drink every day for work. I have a 32 oz bottle I bought at Walmart where the top part screws off. I peel a lemon – I cut off the ends and then cut off the rest. I’m left with just the fruit. I leave the lemon whole. I slice 3 long slices of ginger and I add 1 TBS of Honey. I infuse this with hot water and wait 20 minutes. I fill up my bottle probably 3x a day adding new honey each time. The fruit keeps for two days. I love it hot and I love it at room temperature. Sometimes I make it the night before so it can infuse over night. It’s so good for your health.

  48. Thank you Tammy, Kate et al. I’ve been making this for some time and as we all know and can attest to, it’s a wonderful wonderful tonic! Last night I opened a new jar (have not taken anything out to consume for the past 2-3 weeks and it was out at room temp before going into my refrigerator about 16 hours later) I found a white patch of soft slimy stuff on the top-most slice of lemon. (This slice was not fully submerged in honey)

    Have any of you had prior experience with this and does this mean my whole jar is spoilt? I would hate to throw it out because it was made by my son. I tried some today – 3 tbsp in 200 ml hot water and it tasted fine.

    Any advice would be much appreciated and thanks again for your recipe!

    – Mell

    1. Hi Mel, I go through mine pretty quickly and also make sure to have a layer of honey over the top. The honey acts as a preservative.

  49. I used to take a whole very large piece of ginger, mince it up, and simmer it for at least fifteen minutes in a pan of water with honey and lemon. I would wait for it to cool a bit, so I could really drink it rather than sipping it, I found that I got highly energized by it.

    It was a nice stimulant effect though, sort of ‘cleaner’ than drinking coffee, for example Anyway, apparently you have to use a lot of ginger in your brew to get this energizing effect, which might be a result of ginger’s effect on the circulation, etc. After noticing this phenomenon, I also happened to read about it.

    Incidentally, when you read the benefits of ginger, one that you don’t as often come across is that it’s also used as a ‘vermifuge’, i.e., it can rid the body of parasites. I also once worked in the supplement department of a health food store under a manager who was a genius about supplementation, etc. and even though he wasn’t supposed to, he gave nutritional advice to a man with a cancerous tumor that used to shop there.

    I know one of the things he told this guy to take was ginger, in capsules. That combined with the other things he recommended, seemed to work, because months later, the guy said the doctors had found his tumor had shrunk to almost nothing.

    I remember the man telling my manager that when he followed his protocol of herbs, supplements, etc. he felt that his body was actually ‘buzzing’ or humming. with some kind of high frequency energy. That’s sort of how I used to feel when I took my extra strong ginger ‘brew’, so I wonder if the ginger somehow speeds up the whole metabolism and produced some kind of ‘energy healing’. I’m sure my manager recommended the ginger to the man with the tumor because it also happens to be a very detoxifying herb.

    Anyway, I find all these God-given herbs, etc. miraculous. Fasting is also amazing and has been used similarly by cancer patients in some clinics like the Gerson Institute, etc. with organic juices (I’m sure containing ginger among other things), etc. There have been amazing stories of malignant tumors disappearing this way when mainstream medicine failed.

    The Native Americans learned the medicinal properties of herbs, supposedly, by watching the herbs that bears and other animals ate when they were sick, etc. They cured an amazing number of maladies with herbs, including some cancers, it is believed. When you research these things, the more you learn, the more astounded you are by what can be achieved using plants that grow wild (and cultivated) on this planet.

  50. After leaving my previous comment, I was inspired to google a bit about the ginger/cancer ‘connection’ and interestingly found this. Don’t know if I can put name of website, but it was published recently and apparently they are now discovering there are compounds of ginger that are actually 1,000 times more effective than chemotherapy in specifically targeting the stem cells that are involved in cancer growth. Here’s a quote from the Google page about one of these websites,

    “A new study reveals ginger contains a pungent compound that could be up to 10,000 times more effective than conventional chemotherapy in targeting the cancer stem cells at the root of cancer malignancy.”

    Okay, so they said ‘10,000 times’ more effective. Even better. Amazing stuff, this ginger. Drink up, people! I know I’m going to.

  51. Great tea/tonic for cold & flu season!
    I’m a teacher & just made a multiple batch for myself & close teacher friends. I love it as a tea, and as others wrote – by the spoonful b4 bed for a scratchy throat. Thanks!!!

  52. Has anyone added turmeric to this recipe? If so how much? I read about this w/ the turmeric for weight loss and belly fat reduction.

    1. Yes.i add tumeric and sri lankan cinnamon sticks to the mixture,i just keep adding until the taste is just right.

  53. I really love it thats why i have this always in my refrigerator and it’s almost for a month already aand i think it still okay to drink it i really enjoyed it,specially if i have a cold.

  54. I am going to make this ahead before winter. I also like to add some turmeric powder too. Can i add it along with the lemons and ginger?

  55. Can somebody let me know why my honey lemon ginger tea because creamy like curd or something just one month? i tought it was just frozen like that of oil sleeping but when i put it out for a while itis still same.

    I am wondrin why this happened

  56. Very useful information and thanks for this, Tammy!

    The cold season has just started and I made a bottle of 5 squeezed lemons and 2 spoonful of honey to store in the fridge. Usually, we have 2 spoonfuls each morning (and 1 for my little son) and I wondered if I was doing the right thing to protect us from the cold so decided to do some online research, then your site came up!
    After reading the comments, I would definitely give this a try but wanted to check if it’s equally alright to take a spoonful of the mixture as well instead of mixing with warm water in the mornings? I appreciate the mixture will be thicker than what we normally have.

    Look forward to your reply. Thanks.

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