Repotting the Chaffey Cherimoya

Repotting the Chaffey Cherimoya

We bought our Chaffey cherimoya tree this spring and never got around to putting it in the ground.  The tree lost all of its leaves in April and looked dead so we neglected it but the tree came back!!

Even though it would have been more ideal to plant the tree inground in late winter/early spring I decided to plant the cherimoya inground and just protect it during really cold spells.  My sweet husband was kind enough to plant my tree in the dark!!

Here is the cherimoya in the pot.  It is about 5 feet tall and when I got it, it was a stick with 2 small branches and about 4 leaves.  It doesn’t look that much bigger but considering we thought it was dead 4 months ago, it has made a huge improvement.

I am very pleased that there are new branches lower on the tree because ideally I would like to max the tree out at 6 feet tall so that it is shorter and bushier.

Here is the soil we put in the hole.  It is organic matter (mostly compost from our compost pile).
The hole is about 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep in a clay soil but surprisingly the soil a few inches from the surface is not as hard as we thought it was.
The very tiny root ball.
The cherimoya in its new home.  It is south facing, under a pine tree, and gets full on morning sun, then dappled midday sun, and then some afternoon sun.  I’ll try to post a picture of the tree in the daytime.


6 thoughts on “Repotting the Chaffey Cherimoya

  1. Hi Tammy,

    I have a Cherimoya tree in the back yard (facing East). I have wrapped it up with the row cover Dec 6 and my instint was correct, it had snowed the very next day about 3-4". I live in Clayton and rarely see snow (once every very 20-30 years if we are lucky). Now my question is that, have you protected your Cherimoya during the cold spell last week? Yes, I am also the same person who posted a comment about your Mango trees.. Appreciate your experience, thanks..

  2. Hi There,

    I did not protect my cherimoya as it only got down to 29 degrees and it was for only a few hours. Also, my cherimoya is under a pine tree so it gets some sort of coverage (very little).

    If when it gets colder I will cover my trees and also string some of the older christmas lights around them to keep them warmer.

  3. Hi, is the tree still thriving? I’m thinking of planting a cherimoya near a pine tree but I’m worried the pine tree might kill it.

    1. Hi Dan, it’s doing great. Cherimoyas actually do well here in warmer parts of the bay area. I have not had to protect it…yet 😉

      1. That’s great to hear, I have one cherimoya I bought this past summer and it doesn’t look too happy right now.. probably because I re potted it as soon as I got it. I was really glad to run across your page (from cloudforest) because it’s assured me it should live through the winter the owner of the local nursery here told me cherimoya’s didn’t do well here, you’ve proved that wrong lol.

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