Butterscotch Bird’s Nest Cookies | Easter or Springtime Treat

Butterscotch Bird’s Nest Cookies | Easter or Springtime Treat

Spring is definitely here!  The plum  and peach trees are blooming.  My chickens are laying and in a few weeks we will plant our summer garden.

We are also lucky enough (or maybe not so lucky for my chickens) to have a hawk nesting in the big pine tree in our neighbors yard.  From our kitchen window we can see the happy couple setting up the nest and the papa hawk bringing yummy treats back to his family (as long as he stays away from our chickens!).

This treat reminds me so much of springtime and Easter!  It is a really easy cookie that you can make with your kids.  I can honestly say that I do not know of a treat that the kids have enjoyed more.  They look so cute but taste even better!

Butterscotch Bird’s Nest Cookies
makes about 24 nests

  • 12 oz package of chow mein noodles (the crunchy kind) less about 1 cup that we snacked on
  • 11 oz package of butterscotch morsels
  • 1 bag of Cadbury mini eggs
  • 1/2 cup of chocolate chips to melt to form “glue”…i didn’t have any butterscotch left…

Get all your ingredients and supplies in order as you will need to form your nests quicky before they

Get 2 baking sheets and line them with either silicone baking mat or parchment paper.

I a large glass bowl (large enough to hold butterscotch morsels and chow mein) melt butterscotch
morsels. I microwave them for about 3 1/2 minutes stopping every 30 seconds to stir the morsels.

When butterscotch melted, add the chow mein noddles and mix until noddles are evenly coated.

Quickly using an icecream scoop, scoop out mounds of the noddle mixture and press an indent in them
to form a nest shape and hold the eggs. If the mixture hardens in the bowl, microwave for 20-30 seconds
to melt butterscotch again.

You will need to work quickly to get the nests form.  In the picture below, half of the nests are formed.  It will be easier if you flatten them and make a bigger indent in the middle than I have.

By the time I finished with all the nests they were too hard to allow the eggs to stick to them so I took 1/2
cup of extra chocolate chips I had lying around, melted them in a small glass bowl (took about 1 1/2
minutes – stopping every 30 seconds to stir).

The boys and I dipped the bottom of the eggs into the chocolate “glue” and stuck them in the nests.

Let harden for 5-10 miinutes before serving or transferring.



21 thoughts on “Butterscotch Bird’s Nest Cookies | Easter or Springtime Treat

  1. i think i will try them. i wish i had jack and ty here to help. oh, well. i will make them for kaleigh and nick, and shelby….i love you….

  2. Hey Tammy…about how many does one batch make?? Maverick’s going to be in a “Little Red Hen” play on Friday and I’m thinking about making these for his cast party. 🙂

    1. hey PJ, these make about 24 nests with a little extra to snack on but I use 2 large cookie sheets so I can fit 12 on each sheet.

      They are so easy to make that I would actually suggest making 2 batches if you need to make more than 24 because it only takes like 5-10 minutes for them to set so you can put them in a tupperware/box and then make a second box and use your 2 sheets again. If you use parchment paper i guess you can just put the parchment paper on your counter if your kids won’t mess with them.

      You will want to make 2 seperate batches just because the mixture will harden before you can get all 48 nests made. I hope that made sense…

    2. meant to add that if you are going to make a lot (or even just 1 batch), make and shape the nests first, then go back and with a handful of melted chips put the eggs in.

  3. I am definately doing these little nests with the group who we do gingerbread houses with at Christmas. These are absolutely adorable. Can’t wait. The kids don’t know yet what we are doing. I use my laptop in my kitchen now. Love your pix and ‘how to s’. Thanks Tammy

      1. The were such a success and a hit. I usually have to do things a second time to really get it wright. I accidentally grabbed peanut butter chips. (Same color I guess). They were good too. Chocolate was important in that case. Next time I will get caramel. And they really are cookies!

        1. I really want to add. I was afraid that it would be hard for little kids to work fast enough before the nests hardened. This wasn’t the case. They were all successful and excited with their little creations.

  4. made these yesterday and they turned out exactly like the picture – I melted a hershey bar (broken into pieces) to use for my “glue” since I didn’t have any more butterscotch or chocolate chips.

    1. Lynda, I am so glad that they turned out for you! They are so fun to make and you can see how you can change the flavor profile really easily.

  5. I made these this weekend for my daughter’s 1st birthday (bird themed). Honestly, I made them because they looked cute but thought they sounded revolting. Wow, was I ever wrong – DEEELISH! They were definitely the hit of the party. Thanks!

  6. I LOVE this idea… my pre-schooler has to bring a snack that starts with the letter N… I couldn’t think of anything cute and creative.. Now i know what I am making and he can help me!!! THANKS!!!

  7. I add 1/2 cup peanut butter to the melted butterscotch chips. And use peanut M &Ms as the eggs. Have made them for Easter for years! My kids love them and now my coworkers expect them!

  8. I’m thinking of adding mini marshmelloes and chopped peanuts ?? Should I use extra morsals and possible some real butter?

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