Vietnamese Avocado Smoothie (Sinh To Bo)

Vietnamese Avocado Smoothie (Sinh To Bo)

Avocados are now in season at my farmers market and they are absolutely perfect.  Creamy with a grassy flavor.  I have been eating them so often that I actually had to google to see if I was eating too many avocados.

I have been putting them in salads, making a citrus, avocado salad eating them for breakfast with eggs and toast, cutting them in half and eating them with a squeeze of lemon and salt….it is ALL good but my favorite way of eating them is in a smoothie…YES a smoothie.

In Vietnam this is a very popular drink and how I started eating avocados as a kid.  It is so luscious and delicious….


Vietnamese Avocado Smoothie (Sinh To Bo)

Makes 2 servings


  • 1 large ripe avocado
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk
  • couple TB milk to thin (optional)



1. Add the ingredients into a blender and blend. If you want to thin it out, at some milk. I use a magic bullet for this.

2. Serve and Enjoy….so good.





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