Marin Homestead

Homesteading in Marin County, CA (sorta)

Month: May 2009


Cocozelle Zucchini

I love this zucchini plant so far. It is a very vigorous grower and the flowers are gorgeous! Also, crossing my fingers but it seems to be a good producer from all the blossoms I see. Let’s hope they all…


Melon Plants

Here are 2 of 6 melon plants that I have. They were really slow growing when the weather was cooler but now that it is starting to warm up, I can see alot of growth every day. Day time temps…

Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Here are some fruit trees we have. This is a Babcock peach (white) with some grafts of a yellow peach. Hopefully the grafts will take. For such a young and little tree it has alot of small peaches on it….



My 20 month old son loves picking the strawberries and never shares them with us 😉 Here are 4 southern high bush blueberry plants. We have 2 Misty and 2 Sunshine. This spot seemed ideal because it gets direct sun…


What’s eating my basil?

A few days ago I went outside to find my beautiful, perfect basil was being eaten. Whatever it was did quite a bit of damage in one night. I checked all the leaves for hornworms (caterpillars), aphids, etc. but found…