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Homesteading in Marin County, CA (sorta)

Month: June 2009


Ace Pepper Progress

I just wanted to post some pics of my Ace Bell Pepper. This plant is supposed to be a good producer and not have a problem with blossom set. It is also supposed to be smaller (between 18-24 inches tall)….


The good guys!

Went out this morning and this little (actually not so little) bee was pollinating my tomato, squashes, cucmbers, and melons. I also saw some honeybees but they were too deep in the squash blossom to get a good pic. Go…


Tomato Update

Here is a small update…i will post a more detailed one next week. This is my stupice…yesterday part of it wilted and I suspected fusarium or verticillium wilt. I watered it thoroughly and today it has recovered…I hope it was…


First squash Harvest

Here is a pic of my cocozelle zucchini. This is a great beginner squash plant. It does not get too big and is a good producer. These cocozelle zucchini are between 7-8 inches long. I’ll let you know what we…